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We take action to conserve carnivore species in our country

Wolf, the symbol of fighting for survival

Admired and blamed in the same time, the wolf is an iconic species whose presence in the Carpathian ecosystems ensures the preservation of high levels of biodiversity and a biological balance, too.

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Lynx, ‘the Carpathian panther’

Hardly seen or heard, found in the Carpathian Mountains, lynx is a solitary shy animal wandering widen areas, far from inhabited places.

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Wildcat, a cunning hunter

Found in the alpine areas and in the Danube Floodplain, the wildcat has an important role regarding the control over the rodent populations and other small mammals.

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Otter, a water quality indicator

Being sensitive to water pollution, the otter represents an important indicator for healthy aquatic ecosystems. If there is an otter in a river it means that river has high quality water.

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Bear, symbol of wildlife

The brown bear is a symbol of wildlife in our country and it is a key element in preserving stability of the natural ecosystems in the Carpathian and Subcarpathian areas.

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If nature is your passion, you study about environment and nature conservation or you want to gain experience, apply here to become an ACDB volunteer.


Make a donation to ACDB and support the conservation of one of the largest carnivore populations in Europe.

Current projects


Wildlife Help

Financed by Telekom through ,,Te implici" program, Wildlife Help aims to consolidate the intervention and salvation process of the needy wildlife, using state of art device for online monitoring, post rehabilitation monitoring and community involveme…


The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was founded in 2007 by ACDB, on the surface of the former Petrești Zoo, a few kilometers away from Focșani. This is the first authorized centre in Romania and specializes in treating and rehabilitating needy wildlif…


Wild Carpathia Adventure

Wild Carpathia Adventure is a tourism agency founded on the desire to promote and support nature-based tourism, to offer authentic experiences to tourists and touristic products that integrate and promote both natural and traditional values, as well …

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