About us

ACDB was officially founded in 2003, 2nd July, but the founding members have been managing biodiversity conservation projects since 1999.

In the last 13 years, ACDB undertook 9 projects on the management of protected areas, 7 projects dedicated to conservation of large carnivore species and 2 initiatives for the development of communities in the protected areas.

In 2004, ACDB established the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center with the goal to save and rehabilitate wildlife. Since 2010, ACDB has also been the custodian of the Lower Siret Floodplain natural area.


ACDB is an NGO which takes action to conserve wildlife and their habitat. ACDB deals with:
• Preserving healthy populations of bears, wolves, lynxes, otters and wildcats in the wilderness;
• Educating people about the beneficial role of large carnivores in the wilderness;
• Preserving key protected areas for species and local communities
• Creating sustainable tourism based on natural heritage and nature conservation;
• Saving and treating injured wild animals and reintegrating them into their natural habitat


Our vision is a world where biodiversity values are acknowledged and preserved and the care for nature represents an important part in our daily life.


ACDB fights for the conservation of species and their threatened habitats and collaborates with local communities for sustainable development based on the respect for nature.


ACDB’s Passion for studying and preserving wildlife and ecosystems.

Respecting the landscape and its values

The scientific approach in each conservation initiative

Communication with stakeholders to identify the best solutions for people and nature.

Understanding the cultural, social and economic needs of the local communities and involving them in activities related to nature conservation