How to act if you find a wild animal in difficulty
If you find a sick or injured animal, ask the ACDB Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Focșani, Vrancea County on the phone numbers: 0731 357 850/0727 559024/0731471042/0720108038 or call the unique emergency service 112 which will direct you to your nearest specialized unit.

Signs that an animal is sick or injured:
• Has obvious wounds or bleeding
• Breathing problems
• Difficulty keeping the head up
• Difficulty or inability to stand
• Flight problems for birds
• Signs of neurological trauma, such as seizures or walking in a circle

Capturing and transporting the animal

Never approach an animal without first consulting a wildlife specialist. Even small animals can produce serious injuries. If you have been bitten by a wild animal, look for medical care immediately.

Unless you get other indications, here’s what to do while you wait for the help to come:
• Put the animal in a transport cage/box. If using a cardboard box, make small holes for air to enter (not while the animal is in the box). Line the bottom of the box with a towel (or other thick textile) or newspapers.
• Wear gloves when handling wild animals, they can transmit diseases.
• Keep the animal in a quiet environment and transport it to the nearest vet or to the nearest wildlife rehabilitation center.
• It is very important that during handling and transport the animal is in a safe and quiet place. The animals are already scared, and the extra stress can aggravate their medical condition.

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