The forest and the ecological garden-resources for the minds and body of children!


Between 15.05.2021 – 15.10.2021, ACDB will implement the project: „Forest and ecological garden – resources for the children’s mind and body!” through which it aims to change the attitude of children and locals towards nature in three natural protected areas, through practical outdoor activities in the field of sustainable use of renewable wild flora resources and ecological gardening.

The project is funded by the Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania.


The main activities of the project are:
• Promotion of the project;
• Practical knowledge, promotion and use of renewable natural resources available in spontaneous flora in the three protected areas;
• Establishment of a permaculture-type ecological garden and its long-term maintenance.


The objectives of the project are:
• The children from 5 villages and institutionalized young people from the Focsani Assistance and Support Center will be informed and will participate directly in the conservation of nature in protected natural areas, through practical non-formal learning activities in the field of ecological gardening and harvesting of useful / renewable resources from spontaneous flora.
• Long-term improvement of the conservation status in the three natural protected areas by promoting ecosystem services and involving children from neighboring rural communities in knowing the renewable natural resources available in the spontaneous flora (medicinal plants, berries, etc.).
• Introduction of the methods of protection and regeneration of the environment based on the principles of ecological permaculture in schools, centers for institutionalized children and youth, through the active participation in practical activities of children, teachers and civil society.


Key project results include:
• 1000 folding flyers (A4) with information about the resources from spontaneous flora that can be sustainably collected by locals from protected areas;
• Establishment by children and young people institutionalized of an ecological garden of 500 sqm at the limit of the Black Forest Reserve;
• Making a fence made of natural materials (wood, wicker, shrubs, etc.) on a length of about 120 m;
• Making at least 10 raised layers;
• We will make two video spots that will address two topics: „The green pharmacy”, „The forest – a pantry full of goodies”. The two spots will be distributed through all available online channels (web page, twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube);
• The promotion of these spots will also be achieved by launching two online inter-school competitions that will encourage children from neighboring schools to carry out activities in kind;
• The competition will have as theme the realization of essays with the theme – The protected areas near our house, the first 20 children being the beneficiaries of flora / fauna determinants handed over by the jury consisting of biology teachers and an ACDB member.

14 oct. 2021

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