Come as a volunteer!
If you love nature and you want to help save and rehabilitate wild animals, then you are in the right place! Volunteer at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center! The center’s location is Petrești, Vrancea County. To register, you can find us on the phone number 0731471042 or email
Other ways to get involved in saving wildlife can be found HERE.
15 feb. 2021

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Focșani was established 14 years ago and has the capacity to receive in care any kind of wild animal in difficulty or in need of

28 mai 2019

The International Day of Biological Diversity opened for the first time the gates of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – ACDB for the general public. On this occasion, 50 students from

16 apr. 2019

After decades in which this species was no longer seen in Romania, one of the few specimens from Europe of the black-billed eagle (Aegypius monachus) has arrived at the Wildlife

11 nov. 2016

On October 28, the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation – ACDB took over a three-year-old bear, seriously injured in a car accident that took place in Tulnici, Vrancea County, on the