Wild Carpathia Adventure


Wild Carpathia Adventure is a tourism agency founded on the desire to promote and support nature-based tourism, to offer authentic experiences to tourists and touristic products that integrate and promote both natural and traditional values, as well as local resources.

Wild Carpathia Adventure Agency was established within the project ‘Three communities, two Natura 2000 sites, an NGO – Together for development and conservation’– project implemented by ACDB and Putna-Vrancea Natural Park and co – financed by a Swiss grant through Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.


The overall objective of the Agency is to support a balanced and sustainable development of the communities through responsible tourism which contributes to the economic development of the area by integrating local resources and providing an authentic experience to visitors, based on the natural and traditional aspects of the Carpathian Mountains.

The Agency also aims to contribute with practical actions for nature conservation and that is the reason why a big part of the funds coming from touristic activities will be invested in biodiversity conservation and research.


Wild Carpathia Adventure provides nature or adventure tours, cultural activities or wildlife watching. The team consists of scientific consultants and certified tourist guides with over 10 years experience in studying and preserving nature and large carnivores located in the Carpathian Mountains.


Wild Carpathia Adventure aims to actively contribute to community development in Vrancea Mountains by:

• Promoting and conserving natural and traditional values with the aid of ecotourist products and services;
• Launching, promoting and consolidating private initiatives to develop local ecotourism as a tool for community development;
• Applying environment policies regarding biodiversity conservation in Natura 2000 sites which belong to the project.