6 iul. 2023

JOB DESCRIPTION Position: Wildlife Technician Object: Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) monitoring and live-capture, as part of the Lynx Thuringia, Connecting European Lynx Populations project Location of activities: Eastern Carpathians, Romania.

18 ian. 2023

We are starting the year strong. The project „Siret River with clean water for nature and community” submitted by ACDB, was declared the winner in the grant program „With clean

21 ian. 2022

We need agriculture, food security must be considered a priority in any scenario. At the same time, we need healthy products, and the best barometer for the health of agricultural

14 oct. 2021

We invite you to the movie! „The Black Forest and the Merisor Forest – the green pharmacy of the local communities” is the name of a short documentary through which

8 oct. 2021

In the scope of the LIFE Lynx project’s assessment and selection of sites and lynx for live-capture from the Carpathian source population in Romania, ACDB prepared a mid-term report on

29 aug. 2021

In the spring we told you that together with our volunteers and children from the villages of Rădulești and Vânători we started to cultivate an ecological garden from which we

11 aug. 2021

Three specimens of Rosalia alpina are courted in the middle of the mating season, and some of them will leave „embellished” with a red or blue dot. We capture these

28 iun. 2021

Yes, you got it. ACDB has besides a wheat field from which we feed the wild animals from the rehabilitation center and an ecological garden from which we hope to

26 mai 2021

I discussed with the Propark team-Foundation for Protected Areas and with the trainer Ionut Tausan about saproxylic insects and the habitats in which they are to be monitored within the

23 feb. 2021

The Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity (ACDB) starts a new project this month, dedicated to the active involvement of citizens in environmental issues in Romania, in general and

15 feb. 2021

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Focșani was established 14 years ago and has the capacity to receive in care any kind of wild animal in difficulty or in need of

1 feb. 2021

Let the rain come, let the wind blow, we do not mind anymore Because we want to develop as much as possible the infrastructure of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation

25 ian. 2021

The ACDB team with the help of colleagues from Romsilva – Bacău Forestry Department within the National Forests Directorate – Romsilva managed to capture two male lynxes in three days.

20 ian. 2021

Avicola Focsani supports the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation by donating minced chicken meat to carnivorous patients in our Hospital. We are very happy with the positive response and involvement of

23 dec. 2020

During 02.12.2020 – 20.12.2020, the Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity conducted the campaign „Christmas of children from Lunca Siretului” in order to help children from 8 disadvantaged families

11 dec. 2020

Thanks to the company Aurora Odobești, Vrancea, from now on we will no longer have problems with the food of carnivores from the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation. We came into

3 dec. 2020

The Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity (ACDB) organizes this year a humanitarian campaign to help children from disadvantaged families living in the protected natural area “Lunca Siretului Inferior”

26 nov. 2020

After more than 8 months of very careful and well-coordinated care by veterinarian Roșu Ovidiu, seven deer from the Luana’s Dream Foundation Rehabilitation Center were transferred to the ACDB Wildlife

2 oct. 2020

The wildlife at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – ACDB is now protected with a solid, durable roof. BMI Bramac Romania gladly provided us with the construction materials necessary to make

18 aug. 2020

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – ACDB is now better equipped with the direct support of HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL – EUROPE which aids organizations implementing wildlife, pet and farm animal welfare

11 mai 2020

The risk of fish farms being robbed by otter is high throughout Romania, given the expansion of the distribution area of Eurasian otter. Given this situation, it is essential for

18 mart. 2020

We are happy to show you some unique sequences with the relocation of a lynx (Lynx lynx) from the Eastern Carpathians to Croatia in an international project that proves once

18 mart. 2020

Within the project PUTNA – a river, a natural park, a team and a community, funded by the Embassy of France en Roumanie, the team from Romsilva – Putna Vrance

25 feb. 2020

We are happy to announce that the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – ACDB has succeeded with the direct support of TELUS International Romania, which funded the Wildlife Help project, to equip

30 ian. 2020

At the invitation of the Ambassador of the French Republic to Romania – Her Excellency Mrs. Michèle Ramis, we were happy to participate in a meeting organized by the French

27 ian. 2020

Goru, the first lynx captured in the Life Lynx project by ACDB, was released in a forest in Slovenia. This moment has been expected for at least 15 years. For

27 ian. 2020

We have good news! The male lynx DORU, captured by ACDB with the help of the National Forest Directorate – Romsilva within the LIFE Lynx project was transported safely to

27 ian. 2020

Only 3 days away from the last capture in Bacău of a lynx specimen, another male having about 4 years and weighing 23 kilograms, was caught in the LIFE Lynx

22 ian. 2020

We are happy to announce that our project „Together for wildlife rescue – together for protected areas” has been designated the winner of the Protected Natural Area 2019 award, through

17 ian. 2020

Another male lynx, having an age of about 5 years, was captured yesterday, in the forests of Bacău County, by a team formed by ACDB and RNP Romsilva – Bacau

26 nov. 2019

At the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wild Animals – ACDB from Focșani, many unhappy animals have arrived and are still arriving! Some survive and we are happy when they

12 nov. 2019

Help us save as many wild animals as possible! The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has grown, as has the number of cases in which we need to intervene! In order to

3 sept. 2019

ACDB ACDB is an NGO founded in 2003 which takes action to conserve wildlife and its habitat. ACDB deals with: – Preserving healthy populations of bears, wolves, lynxes, otters and

28 mai 2019

The International Day of Biological Diversity opened for the first time the gates of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – ACDB for the general public. On this occasion, 50 students from

23 apr. 2019

Between 10.04.2019 – 10.09.2019, ACDB will implement the project „Together for wildlife rescue – together for protected areas”, which aims to involve protected area managers and local communities in wildlife

16 apr. 2019

After decades in which this species was no longer seen in Romania, one of the few specimens from Europe of the black-billed eagle (Aegypius monachus) has arrived at the Wildlife

15 mart. 2019

ACDB concludes the project “Focus Natura: Merișor Forest – Cotul Zătuanului and Siret Valley”, implemented between April 4, 2017 – September 15, 2017, in partnership with the Vrancea Environmental Protection

4 mart. 2019

The competition is organized within the Putna River project – the creation of the integrated management system for the site of community interest Putna River and the neighboring protected natural

28 feb. 2019

Shortly after catching the first lynx in Vrancea Mountains, a new specimen joined the male Goru at the ACDB quarantine center. This male, about 4 years old, was captured on

13 feb. 2019

Yesterday our project made a huge step forward with the capture of a beautiful male adult lynx. Over the past month we have been hampered by false alarms and terrible

28 sept. 2018

ACDB (Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity) is one of the few non-governmental organizations that in the last 13 years has implemented without interruption activities of conservation and research

14 sept. 2018

Because between October 8th and 14th we celebrate the Protected Areas Week, we will organize a cycling competition near the protected natural areas: Putna River, Bozu Creek, Râpa Roșie –

13 aug. 2018

The Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity, along with other environmental organizations within the Natura 2000 Coalition Federation, expresses concern about the ecological disaster that could be caused by

13 aug. 2018

The organizations of the Natura 2000 Coalition Federation are hereby expressing their deep concern at the plans of the Ministry of Waters and Forests to control African swine fever (ASF)

2 iun. 2018

Out of the desire to sound the alarm on the large number of plastic bottles and plastic waste that end up in nature and especially in rivers and lakes in

29 apr. 2018

Today we started the series of information points within the project „Putna River – creation of the integrated management system for the Site of Community Interest Putna River and the

6 apr. 2018

We mark the Forest Month with planting actions in the protected area of the Putna River, carried out within the project “Conserve and restore the aquatic habitats for otters in

4 apr. 2018

ACDB invites you to make a „Journey in time: from the river Putna to the Sarmatian Sea”. Between 30.04.2018 – 29.09.2018, ACDB will implement the project: „Time travel: from the

19 mart. 2018

It is a certainty that we are still not doing anything to change this reality, which often generates a significant impact even in protected areas declared for the protection of

12 feb. 2018

Almost daily, wild animals are injured or even killed due to human activities, sometimes leaving orphaned cubs behind. Most of the patients from the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation – ACDB

25 ian. 2018

Although prohibited by law, mining of sand and gravel from the minor rivers bed of Romania takes place … LEGALLY. Impact on biological diversity, land loss, alteration of river hydrological

16 ian. 2018

ACDB, as beneficiary, invites interested bidders to submit offers for the procurement of equipment specific to the management of protected areas, within the project: Putna River – creation of integrated

22 oct. 2017

The Wildlife Help project, implemented by ACDB, with the support of Telekom Romania Mobile Communications SA, ends on October 31. The actions carried out had an impact at national level,

10 sept. 2017

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, the long-awaited Focus Natura sports competitions took place. These were organized to make participants aware of the importance of conserving natural values in protected natural

8 aug. 2017

ACDB invites you to participate in sports competitions to promote nature and a healthy lifestyle, both as competitors and volunteers. The „Cross Country Focus Natura” and „Focus Natura Half Marathon”

4 apr. 2017

The project „Conserve and restore the aquatic habitats for otters in south-eastern Romania” was designated the winner by public vote, after being selected among the 4 finalists in the category

20 dec. 2016

Funded by Telekom through the Get Involved Program, Wildlife Help will strengthen the intervention and rescue capacity of wildlife in difficulty, by using innovative online monitoring systems, post-rehabilitation monitoring and

11 nov. 2016

On October 28, the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation – ACDB took over a three-year-old bear, seriously injured in a car accident that took place in Tulnici, Vrancea County, on the

13 apr. 2016

ACDB, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, will create the monographic album „The bear, a symbol of wildness”, an instrument of education and awareness about the

17 dec. 2015

ACDB has released a report on the impact that stray and sheep dogs have on wildlife species. The report is part of the WOLFLIFE project, a project that aims to

9 dec. 2015

ACDB, the environmental NGO with 12 years of experience in conserving wildlife and their habitat, is launching its new branding identity today. The rebranding process was carried out pro bono