Ways you can get involved

A. Make a donation

If you want to support our work of conserving wildlife in Romania, you can make an individual donation by bank transfer or bank card. If you have already made such a donation, thank you!

For donation by bank transfer, you can use the following:

Asociația pentru Conservarea Diversității Biologice
CIF: RO15641623
IBAN: RO57 FNNB 0010 0202 3720 RO01

For bank card donation, you have the following options:

B. Donate to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center through the PAGO app

What is this project about?

The Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation was established in 2007 by the Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity, with the support of Vrancea County Council. It was founded on the surface of the former zoo in Focșani and initially benefited from the infrastructure and logistics of the former institution. Following ACDB’s efforts and based on several funding projects, the Center has been improved and expanded, giving it the specific functionality of a hospital for the care of endangered wildlife.

Currently, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is part of the national network of wildlife rehabilitation centers authorized by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests and is the largest rehabilitation center in Romania as an area that has the capacity to receive any species from Romania’s fauna, whether we are talking about the smallest species of birds or large carnivores such as bears, wolves or lynx.

Since this Center was established, we have gone through many situations… We have seen animals electrocuted, involved in road accidents, fallen into concrete pits in an impossibility of escape, animals trying to escape from drowning or wildfires, and several times we have seen animals snatched from the arms of their parents, hit or killed intentionally for reasons of superstition or deliberately.

What do we need?

In our wildlife rescue activities, there are two stages: the field stage (travel to the animal collection point, capture and transport to the Rehabilitation Center) and the hospitalization stage (in which the animal is admitted to this Hospital where it is given medical treatment, food and space to care).

Cases of injured or suffering animals are increasing due to the growing impact of human activities, in addition to the fact that our Rehabilitation Center has become very well known nationally and more and more „patients” reach us. Since 2007, when this Center was founded, we have constantly faced a lack of resources. Every step in rescuing a wild animal requires costs, and because we want to do things by the book, the costs are even higher. Without the help of donations and sponsors, the activity of this hospital would be closed.

Currently, we want to raise 24,000 euros / year to improve the functioning of the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation. When we have to intervene urgently to save an injured wild animal, we need two veterinary equipments for which we need the amount of 6,000 Euros (inhalation anesthesia device and an oxygen concentrator). The center has grown, as has the number of cases in which we must intervene! To cover basic needs, food, daily care of the spaces and medical care, we need about 12,000 EURO / year. We have received and hosted several animals and we need investments in expanding the area, in naturalization systems of cages and aviaries if we reach the amount of 24,000 Euros.

The amount raised will not cover expenses related to payroll, rent or utilities, but will include food, medicines, veterinary or imaging services, laboratory services and specialized medical tests, utensils, tools and substances for disinfection, transport cages and quarantine.

C. Make a Donation of 1 euro / month, without commission, with a single registration

We are raising funds to help the animals at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Focșani go through medical procedures more easily when they are injured and to ensure the operation and purchase of emergency veterinary equipment. With the help of 10 donors, we can provide food in one day, and with 100 we can provide medicines and consumables for a week!

Contribute with a donation of only 1 Euro and you will help a wild animal to survive!

The Teaming.net website is a fundraising tool created by the Spanish foundation called Teaming precisely so that neither you nor we pay commissions or fees for default bank transfers. The amount to be donated cannot be chosen, it is fixed: 1 euro if you have an account in euros or the equivalent of 1 euro if you have an account in lei or another currency.

Sign up online with an email address and bank card details (or multiple cards of the same person). You only need to do this once. The donation is repeated every month. Every month, when withdrawing the amount of 1 euro (or approximately 5 lei) you will receive an e-mail from Teaming, informing you that the withdrawal has been made.

D. Redirect 3.5% of income tax

Redirect 3.5% of the income tax to the Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity and support the activity of the organization for the conservation of wild species in Romania and their habitat.

How do you redirect 3.5% for ACDB?

Step 1
Fill in the declaration 230, if in the previous year you had income only from salaries ( download the declaration 230 , pdf format)

Step 2
Fill in the declaration 230, if in the previous year you had income only from salaries ( adress list )
or you can send it to our headquarters located in Focșani, 12 Ion Creangă Street, Vrancea County until March 1 and we will submit it.


• The date by which you can send the form is March 25 of each year (for the previous fiscal year – for example, in 2021 until March 25, fill in the form for 2020 which is a completed fiscal year).
• The Financial Administration you belong to is the one from the place of residence (the domicile that appears in the identity card)
• The „Amount” field does not need to be filled in. The Financial Administration will complete this section.
• The forms are pre-printed with the fiscal data of ACDB. You must fill in (by hand, in capital letters) the form only with your personal data and sign it.
• You do not have to attach the tax return.

E. Direct 20% of the profit tax

By directing 20% of the profit tax to the Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity, you can change the future of wild animals in difficulty, but also of the environment in which you live at no cost.

Last year, with the help of supporters from the private sector, we managed at the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation – ACDB to change for the better the lives of wild animals in difficulty.

We also want to expand the area of action for the rehabilitation of injured or struggling wild animals. With your support, we can save even more wild animals that are facing major problems.

How do you direct 20% of the profit tax?

The procedure does not involve any cost for your company. Fiscal Code and Law no. 32/1994 on sponsorship allows commercial companies paying profit tax to direct to non-governmental organizations up to 20% of the amount due annually to the state budget.

All you have to do is follow three simple steps:

Step 1
Download the sponsorship contract (docx format);

Step 2
Sign the contract until December 31 so that the deductible amount is recorded for the year just ending.

Step 3
Send the contract to the address: ACDB, 12 Ion Creangă Street, Focșani, Vrancea County.

F. Be a volunteer

ACDB works with volunteers from the country and abroad interested in nature conservation, biodiversity study, fieldwork, or the field of communication for nature.

How can you become a volunteer at ACDB?

1. You express your interest to become a volunteer by sending a letter of intent and your CV to the email address office@acdb.ro.

2. We will analyze your application and, if your profile is the one we are looking for, we will contact you for an interview.